Born in London in 1965 into a family of artists and engineers, I originally trained at the Hereford School of Blacksmithing before mastering my craft working with several artist blacksmiths in the UK, Poland, and Portugal.  I subsequently ran my own workshop/studio in the UK for many years, creating contemporary and traditional metal work for a wide range of businesses and individual clients, before relocating to South-west France in order to expand my studio and develop my own work further.

My work combines traditional and contemporary techniques with engineering precision and an artist's eye, to create sculptural and flowing metalwork as exclusive 'one-off' pieces forming anything from a small sculpture to a spiral staircase or large gate.  I enjoy working with a wide range of metallic materials including iron in its wrought form, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and titanium, as well as with other materials such as glass, stone and wood depending on the design.

I love to design, to play with an idea, shape or form, and then look at its functionality and turn it upside down. Why should a gate have a four-sided frame?  The form should be an integral part of the working of the piece.

My interests lie in our engineering heritage, the Industrial Revolution, the relationship between our our rural past and our technological future, and in the amazing beauty found in nature.  Traditional techniques such as mortice and tenon joints, punched-through bars and rivets may seem like analogue processes in a digital world, but I believe it is important to see the method of joining the parts to create the whole.  Just as with a visible stitch in clothing, I also like to see form and function go hand in hand with line and proportion.

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